What We Do

A Website As Unique As Your Business

Quantum Digital Solutions will build you an attractive responsive website that is tailored to YOUR needs and your type of business. We start with a blank page and design a website that is one of a kind for each client. Your site will make you stand apart from your competition.

What To Expect

Your website is the face of your business on the internet.  You should know what goes into creating the website and be involved in the process.  No magic.  No technical jargon that some developers hide behind.  Just plain english.  If you have any questions or concerns we are happy to answer them  in a way you can understand.

There is a general process that every website project follows.  At Quantum we not only share that process with you, we make you a part of it.

The following is the basic process you can expect your website to follow.

The Quantum Website Process

Below are the steps that will be taken to create your website from start to finish.  Click on a step to read about it.

Concept Home Page

Quantum will design a conceptual version of a new Home page for the client and present it. The page will be on the WordPress platform and have a modern look with a responsive, mobile-friendly design.

Cost to Rebuild – If the client has an existing site we will provide an estimate of the cost to give the site a new look with a responsive, mobile-friendly design.

Gather Information

Provide us with some information about the basic components of your website.

  1. Number of Pages: Include all non-navigation pages such form redirects like Custom Success / Thank You pages.
  2. Basic Contact Form QTY OF 1: Included at No Charge!
  3. Additional Forms: How many custom forms does the client require and how large?
  4. Photos: Include header photos, photos on pages and gallery photos.
  5. Special Features: Specify any special features on separate attached sheets.
Formal Quote

Quantum will provide the client with a price and lead time.  Any changes to the above information during production may change the price.

Acceptance & Down Payment

Upon acceptance of our quote an invoice for 50% of the price will be sent to the client.

Provide Hi-Res Graphics

All common image formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, SVG, EPS, etc.) are acceptable. The higher the resolution (larger the image) the better.  Resolution equals clarity!

Provide Photos

Like the images, the higher the resolution the better. Large quantities of files may be delivered by cloud account or on a thumb drive.  Stock photos may be used if licensed.

Provide Content

Content is to be delivered in electronic text files such as Microsoft Word or Wordpad.

Provide Custom Form Layouts

Please provide field sequence and layout information for all custom forms. An existing printed form is an acceptable example.


Quantum will provide the client with periodic updates as to the progress on the website.

Site Preview

Upon completion the website is presented to the client for inspection.  Any final adjustments are made.

Website Launch

With the website finished it is backed up and prepared to be moved to its permanent home.

Hosting & WordPress Preparation – Quantum will only deliver our WordPress websites to host servers that are optimized for WP and have the latest version installed. As an additional service Quantum can handle all the backend setup that is required. New WordPress hosting accounts may also be purchased through our partner Techspert.


Migration & Final Check – After setup is complete we will migrate the website from the development server to the client’s host and make sure the site is ready to go. Quantum moves your domain name to the new server if necessary and points the internet to your new website.

Remote Training

Up to one hour of WordPress and Divi editor training will be provided remotely at no additional charge.

Final Billing & Payment

Upon completion of the project an invoice for the remaining 50% of the price will be sent to the client.

It’s Your Website

One-stop services such as Wix, SquareSpace and Hibu are primarily site-builders with social marketing set up tools.  They help get first timers set up on social media and services like Google My Business.  With them you can set up your own website using a template or pay them to do it for you.  Your site runs on their platform and you pay a monthly fee.

Everything sounds great.  Right?

What happens if you want to move your site to a different hosting service to save some money on that monthly charge?  You find out your website cannot be moved!  Those templates run on their servers only.  Now what?  You need a new website.

Your website should belong to you.  Period.  You contributed to it and you paid for it.

Our Philosophy

We work for you.  We want our clients to have a beautiful, responsive website.  Whichever host you select will ensure your site is secure, fast and is up and running day and night.  There are a number of good web hosting companies and any of them will be able to run your new website.

We recommend GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting to most of our clients.  They have excellent WordPress hosting plans with daily backups and malware scans.  Their servers run the site on a solid state drive with all high-demand features and videos on specialized CDN servers.

If you need help setting up your host in preparation for the new website we’d be happy to assist.  We will need access to it in order to take your website live when the time comes.

In the end, which ever host you select, your website will belong to you.

Isn’t that what you paid for?

Don't Miss Another Opportunity


While social media is important it can be very difficult to stand apart from everyone else.  Your website is where you can be one of a kind and rise above your competition.  Don't miss this chance to catch a new customer's attention.  A new website from Quantum Digital Solutions is just what your business needs to start attracting potential customers.